A little help for where we are about:
  • Frankfurt  ca. 150 km
  • Würzburg ca. 50 km
  • Nuremberg ca. 105 km
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber 22 km
  • on the Romantic Road
  • In a side valley of the river Tauber


Margot and Willi Hain
Niederrimbach 73

97993 Creglingen


Dear guests,

thank you very much for choosing our homepage! Our three holiday flats are situated in a side valley of the river Tauber, in the village of Niederrimbach which is three kilometers away from our main town Creglingen.

The Tauber valley  is , in our region, identical with the Romantic Road - Thank God!-  The town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is our  next-door town and only 22 km away from the holiday flats. It's even in reaching distance of a days bicycle tour, as the Tauber valley cycle path is only 1100 meters away. 

Every now and again, whilst traveling through the side valleys of the Tauber, you will meet famous sights like the "Herrgotts-church", the cloister in Frauental, the old castle ruin Reichelsburg or Brauneck. If you trace the history back into the medieval time, you'll often come across the name of "Hohenlohe"- this family exists to this day and originates from this area.

Why not explore our side valleys on a bike? The roads in between the villages haven't got much traffic. Well, where should it come from, when there are only 30 people on the square kilometer?

If you want you can have breakfast served extra. Many of our regular guests make use of this service when they only come on short trips to see every yearly events in Rothenburg like the Hans-Sachs-Theatre, the "Schäfertanz" (shepherd's dance) and the "Reichsstadttage" (city festival celebrating its being a free medieval town). We will tell you the dates of these events on inquiry. 

We would be pleased, if you carry on exploring our homepage. Please contact us for any further inquiries.

Yours sincerely,

Margot and Willi Hain